Dream 424: ヲウィヨユィイ

12.05.2015 § Leave a comment

Two giant mirrors with golden frames hang in Karin’s parents’ basement. A sort of psychoanalytical Fort Knox.
Passing through Japan, a former student of mine shows us around his grocery store, digging out the (literal) secret sauce from the far back on shelves and putting it in our plastic bags for us. One sauce is called “wowi-yoyi” — he asks if it would sell with that name in the States, and I say No Way.
Karin and I show up at Stephen’s place. He’s got a new beard. His place is huge, somewhere down the peninsula, but it’s rather empty, and what it’s filled up with is mostly junk and trash. Karin and I throw off our clothes and jump into his bed, while he sits at his desk across the room (at a station of several workspaces, as if it’s a startup office). Karin rolls around on top of the covers, showing off her temporary tattoos — drawn on in pen — pointing them out and describing them to Stephen in a baby voice.
Suddenly it occurs to me that no one else is here, and I never checked the time of day for Stephen’s party before heading out. Frantically I apologize and ask if we’re here way too early or way too late. Stephen dejectedly informs us that the party started two and a half hours ago (it’s 4:00pm), and we’re supposed to be right in the middle of it. I feel awful, and begin desperately to excuse individuals for not showing, but I realize that I’m just making it more depressing for him. I suggest as an activity that we go for a job, or at least take a tour of his closet and bathroom; as I put my underwear back on I awkwardly explain it as due to the fact that I won’t be needing to get back into the bed.
We end up just watching internet videos. I’m looking for “Johnnyy” (pronounced JAH-nee-ee), but as we’re skimming the image results I see something really strange that we have to click on. It turns out to be a video of “Daphnyy”, who is a pre-teen girl doing something of a cooking show. But her right forearm is actually a giant penis. She slathers it with raw meat juice from the plastic wrap on some pork chops. “Ewwww!” I say.

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