Dream 425: Tequila Maze

12.12.2015 § Leave a comment

I’m lost in a tequila maze, which is basically a tequila bar which is also a maze, making it even more difficult to escape. Needless to say, I get home way too late, and am hangover the next morning.

I wake up under the bed, my head sticking out from under the frame, the thickest part of my torso pinned between it and the carpet. My bedroom door is open. Grant enters and leans down to speak to me. He apologizes and says he wishes I had let him know I was stuck out there last night — he would gladly have come and picked me up. His hair here is heavily gelled, curly, and greying. He exits.

I’m watching Von Trier’s latest, a reality film about stars of a game show which he created in order to document this way. Something to do with people tying ropes to each other and dragging each other around two at a time on linoleum floors. I’m getting pretty lonely in here…

Finally my old dog Tinkerbell enters and lays down. She and I bemoan the state of dogs in show biz, and I rub her tummy.


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