Dream 426: EDD

12.19.2015 § Leave a comment

My grandfather has only one arm left. It’s kind of drifted toward his back as he’s aged so that it’s now kind of protruding from his shoulder blade. His body is fairly deformed overall; he’s shaped like a pear, with Flintstone feet. And yet he’s energetic, prepping food for us in the kitchen.

I’m running around some public building built in the 70’s, running past desks where they’re handing out jobs I’m supposed to take. I’ve left a plastic bag w my Oculus Rift DK2 in it outside. It’s fine, though, I’m only going to be in here for a minute.

But of course I mess up and forget what floor my thing is on. I get one chance to take the elevator (not safe anymore) and I take it to 6, so now I’m running down the side staircases. It’s not 5 either. It’s 4. I waste so much time doing this that by the time I’m back outside my DK2 is gone.

I see the likely culprit but take pity on him since he’s homeless. Plus I at least recovered most of my other stuff from the bag which had been of no value to him.


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