Film Micrœview #261: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005)

12.19.2015 § Leave a comment

Rating: Bad.

Rewatching this movie, I get a little better now how “the Force has diminished” and Yoda and Windu decide not to share this widely as it would conjure more enemies to the Jedi. But it still doesn’t make it easier to buy that Anakin would dump everything just for the chance to save Padme from a vision he has of her death. I’d like to see Padme have been a bit harder on him, to push back and say she is more than just a fever dream of his, to say that overthrowing the Republic is not what she wants. If he would do it anyway in the face of that, then that’s a lot more interesting. My point is that her whining “you’ve changed, I don’t know you anymore, you’re going down a path I can’t follow” is what a six year old would write, while a grown-up who understands what it’s like for a profoundly loving relationship to gradually fall apart would show their falling out to be centerpiece which the galaxy was a backdrop analog to (much in the same way the galaxy was the background to the profound struggle between Luke and his father in the original trilogy). Also, so Anakin stays evil and hunts down Jedi even though he has nothing left to live for really, because… he blames them for forcing his hand?? Doesn’t he put it together that Dooku was a Sith and thus Palpatine orchestrated the Clone Wars, and thus obviously the Jedi didn’t betray the Republic? I guess he does know and just lies to her… Force choke becomes Vader’s preferred killing method because he killed Padme with it? Why didn’t he ever learn force lightning if Dooku had it? Did Qui-Gon learn to speak from the grave, a very dark-side seeming power, because of his time with Dooku as master? If he learned it, why didn’t Liam Neeson appear in III?


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