Dream 430: Dogshark

01.16.2016 § Leave a comment

An epic battle at sea. This final boss, like so many others, goes through several phases before final defeat. Beginning in man form as our captain. Then some sort of robot beast which shreds up our ship. Then a whale-sized robot shark. With our ship crumbling we have to make it to shore. We make landfall in Montana, where we trap the beast in a bog.
Arriving at our Montana cabin, I meet a washed-up child actor Golden Retriever, who immediately believes me to be his long-lost master, the character from the movie he famously acted in. I tell him “no” that’s not me. Oops. Apparently I was supposed to just humor him and then he forgets soon enough — that’s the safe way to go — he doesn’t do this for everyone but it’s always the same and is okay in the end. Now he’s on a suicidal tilt, stepping into the garage to carbon monoxide poison himself. No one else seems to care. I can see my mom in the family room watching the World Series. Not even 911 seems in too much of a hurry to help me out. The curly phone cord is long enough for me to stay on the line and reach the garage door, which I can see on its brass doorknob is unlocked even, but for whatever reason I feel like I’ve done the wrong thing once already and maybe I’m not supposed to intervene.

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