stort: subject to object rotation transference

01.16.2016 § Leave a comment

Screenshot (9)

This is a nifty virtual reality effect I described briefly in my post opture. I have only seen this effect used in a VR experience once: in the Exhibit part of the Google Cardboard app. Sadly, I published my original post in early July 2014, and it appears that Google’s app came out in late June, so I cannot prove that I came up with it independently.

Anyway, here was my original description:

Rather than translate rotational input as different angles out from a fixed point — as is standard for a sense of embodiment — a shot could translate it as different angles in toward a fixed point from a fixed distance. Thus, rotating your head would cause your vantage to swivel around, in inverted motion, as if on the inside of an invisible sphere surrounding an object of interest. This technique should be useful when an optie director wants to provide you in a particular moment with the freedom not to look around a space, but rather the freedom to examine a specific thing however you choose. Experimentation should be done to determine whether this sort of experience feels natural or comfortable.

Another way I’ve realized to describe this which is simpler (and in Google’s demo, given the blank black background, is ambiguous) is as a transfer of rotation from the subject to the object. That is, when I the subject turn my head, instead of my vantage changing, the rotation of my head is transferred onto the object (and inverted) so that I can naturally-magically look at it from different angles without moving.

I’ll call this “stort”ing for short.

For more VR Vocab, check out this video:

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