Dream 435: Eagle Eye

02.20.2016 § Leave a comment

“Is Eagle Eye playing?” I ask the usher.

“No,” he says, “But it syncs with Fantasia.”

“Yes, I know.”

By now we’re inside the auditorium and the movie has come on, though. I suppose I’ve swung myself a free ticket then!

In the movie, first, a flat bendy man slides down a shallow, hilly, green-glowing stream. Then it’s an urban car chase down a similarly hilly downhill street. Now it’s about a VR system, so I leave the theater, knowing that Karin will want to watch this with me later — she don’t like no sloppy co-viewing seconds.

Everyone gets handed three cards. I explain to Karin that out of the three, unfortunately the best choice is Elmo’s kid.

I’m remixing the latest South Park episode. I’ve got Dwight Yoakam’s “The Heart that You Own” on loop. I’ve also got a loop of bananas taped in a loop around our kitchen island just under the lip of the countertop. I’ve also implemented a cool editing trick whereby we zoom over and over on a still image until black is inside black inside black etc.

I’m running back and forth between the Japanese restaurant in the morning rain, looking for an overachieving student. This restaurant is pretty cool — you preswipe your credit card at the beginning of the meal, so you can just bounce quick when you’re done at the end. They used to take reservations, but only in Japanese.

I’m selling all my blank grey t-shirts. Karin is helping out. She suggests I draw funny messages and images on them in Sharpie to make them more attractive. I counter-suggest that it will be easier to sell plain t-shirts, but maybe yeah we should have the Sharpie available for customizing on the spot if customers are indeed interested.


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