Dream 436: Pokemon Chassis or Tugboat

02.27.2016 § Leave a comment

I’ve been playing the mining game on this fun island and gathered up a bunch of foam that I’m ready to exchange for points. My foam has partially consolidated into liquid but that’s natural and still counts. I’m navigating the labyrinthine bathroom stalls for an open exchange booth. Finally a roving worker assists me. Appraising my mined foam using his tools, he informs me that it’s only worth 30 points — disappointing because I estimated it was more like 50. Fortunately at every exchange you get one chance to buy points with points. There are two tiers of bonus like this, but only the bottom tier is available to me, and only the top option is affordable, so I get a few extra. I really wanted 50 points though so I could have used them to purchase the Pokemon chassis or tugboat I saw in the commercial.

My mom has arrived in Tokyo. I meet her on the elevator. I have only my wallet so I’m using it to cover my crotch. The elevator operator is messing with us, trying to trick us into getting off on the wrong floor. From the building top we can see the Rockies and Sierra Nevadas of San Francisco around us.

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