Dream 440: Nazi Hunting

03.26.2016 § Leave a comment

I’m directing an immersive music video with some prima donna pop star. The crew are all enamored with her supposed beauty and genius; I am apparently the only person who can see it as all bullshit. This project is not what I signed up for. But if I try to get out of it now, I’ll be blacklisted forever. This is my big break to make VR cinema my career.

Back in 1700’s Pennsylvania, in a little German community. Trying to pee in a urinal booth, but I’ve picked the worst possible time, as the group of gentlemen in the corner booth who need to pass between me and the pot are just getting up to go.

Watching a video about the Swedes harboring some secret Nazi projects during the war.

Karin and I snuggling in the hotel room bed, when I realize I have one last chance to catch the bad guy — on the last train out of town! I rush down to catch it. It’s super crowded. I make my way from the first car to the last as quickly as possible, wading through the masses of bodies, trying to make eye contact with each person. It only takes me four stops. It’s obviously quite likely that he was on one of the later cars before I got to them and he disembarked in these first four stops. But it’s still worth trying. So I hop on the train heading back into town. He might have gotten off to trick me and gotten back on this one. Nope, I don’t find him by the time I get home.


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