Dream 442: Armageddonhenge

04.09.2016 § Leave a comment

I’m flying a biplane around the island, being chased by a cheesy shiny green with white polka dots T-Rex, which is nonetheless quite a threat and nearly impossible to defeat.

At In ‘n’ out, wading through a throng of handicapped folks. The boss in his clown makeup comes on the comm screen, announcing — wait did he just say he’s going to destroy the entire planet?! No, okay, only Mushroom Town. Phew… I knew his patience was getting stretched a bit thin, but that would have been extreme.

Carrying out his bidding, in the middle of the field at the center of Mushroom Town, dismantling the memorial mounted between a ring of gnarly trees. When I’m done, one of the six trees was severed such that a branch is left floating in the air, unattached to any base.

I’m climbing into a car with friends and siblings, shotgun is being called. I recall, laughing, that I think the last time I got in a car I was driving a plane away from a T-Rex.

Jesus now the T-Rexes are everywhere, and there’s another version of them mixed in which are 5-10x bigger.

It’s funny how you want to think of yourself, flying around in this drone, as like being disembodied in an astral basket on top of it, when really if anything you’re more like Superman laying on his belly in the sky, eyes forward.


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