Dream 447: Patton

05.18.2016 § Leave a comment

Patton: “Our horses and guns are better, but no one goes to war.”

Myself to Karin: “Shake my head. These are the men killing in our name who think weapons are for killing.”

We’re parked at a gas station, with a 50 degree incline road outside!

HWY 63 splits into 63 and 63½ very near my parents house coming north from the BBQ joint (on its menu map) at which point we take 63½ and soon dart into their triangular fork.

My mom is hugging me goodbye, and I’m truly sobbing and my voice cracks / I’m halting/speechless so I just say “bye love you” but it comes across as impatient or bored so I try to explain that it’s just a weird effect of the choky throat crying.

Mom is telling about this time my brother was so drunk that he raged all the way into her car when she picked him up from college, then he realized what he was doing and stopped.

My brother offers me my personal detached car seat with the floral pattern rectangle on the seatbelt when dad drives us to the airport.


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