Film Micrœview #291: Unico in the Island of Magic (1983)

05.18.2016 § Leave a comment

Rating: Good.


  1. Some characters with neither thematic nor narrative threads intertwining with the main fabric of the story.
  2. Many of these characters yell in high-pitched voices constantly.


  1. 電子恐竜 (robotic dragon-dino) with googly-eyes, a split cone for a head, a stomach cannon, and a Pee-Wee Herman roar, which races around on treads, belches standing fireballs, gets a badass bebop theme song, and gets punished for breaking the fourth wall.
  2. An evil mysterious Pinocchio villain named Kuruku with variable IPD, a single bottom tooth which fits in-between the gap in his two top teeth, a head which rotates about on a spherical body, another spherical bubble layer around his spherical body which he can turn on and off which occasionally flickers soapy-electronic-iridescently and occasionally becomes solidly glowing rainbowy and in such state can transform into other basic geometric forms such as cubes and equilateral pyramids and pass through surfaces, plus fingers which end flat in shaved off circles.
  3. A seduced minion of Kuruku named Toby with the most extreme anime ‘do ever (which also happens to be half of his master’s ‘do) who gets a badass flute solo (plus a badass disco remix thereof).
  4. “Nightmare Island”: composed entirely of living beings which have been transformed into possibly-wooden semi-animate drone-bricks.
  5. Some pretty awesome sequences involving spatial techniques when characters are flying around said island (involving some pretty Mario/StarFox-y platforms emerging out of surfaces and coming together in attempts to crush folks.
  6. A moral to not neglect or waste things.

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