Dream 448: Plants Grew Out of the Web

05.21.2016 § Leave a comment

I’m editing some code Samuel L. Jackson wrote while he describes it to me. We’re on the air on his TV show, hacking Snoop Dogg’s website while Snoop is producing a jar of green onion cuttings.

But wait, there’s more!

The cuttings begin to multiply. They keep multiplying even once they’ve filled the car from bottom to top, hitting the underside of the sealed lid; their packing just grows denser. A plant begins to sprout out of the car. Karin goes wild for it.

A sink has been installed in our apartment. It looks awful, placed there under a diagonally sloped ceiling upwards in the main room. With huge braces it hangs there from the diagonal part, carpeted ceilings stretched from the weight to expose the board it’s woven through underneath at the outward diagonal edge.

I’m discussing “first person view” with one of the party goers, namely how I always feel like I want to jump through the movie screen rather than go around it to the sides and then through the room into the outdoors party pool area. However, I get distracted, and now I’m just trying to figure out the term for when you’re inside someone else’s POV.

Behind this there’s a room where the party starts, extending out into the open pool, and it has a tray that collects all the junk, lifts it back up, and spits it out. But it’s stupidly designed so that it’s halfway back into the pool and half the stuff it collects goes right back in. So I dive out, scoop it up, and try to shove it back in some guy’s hat (where he’s already carrying all the other toys).

I guess this party room *is* our apartment.

Someone vomits something up.

A chandelier falls onto our bed in the loft.

I’m riding buses through central Illinois on some crazy mission to get this plant for Karin. It’s some kind of video game where I have to track some other bus, keeping my distance but not getting so far away that I lose it. I guess it’s kind of GTA-like. I’m trying to avoid spending on these things, and crashing liberally. At one point I’m in the subway and I refuse to pay and so the cops are chasing me, and I can’t squeeze on the train in time so I have to flee.

I realize *holy shit – I’m at the South Elgin stop!* So I run past Safeway, then turn right at the Chase bank, go three streets into the neighborhood, and am looking for our old block when the joke sets in: WEB HILL.

(Because plants grew out of the web.)


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