Dream 449: Rabbit-cum-hand

06.01.2016 § Leave a comment

I meet Obama at the airport sports bar with my dad. Obama reviews my screenplay. He feels my Arby’s-McDonald’s merged chain is unrealistic.

I take in a feral rabbit and earn its trust. I teach it to pee outside. Later on, it’s someone else who did this. I visit her. She updates me. The rabbit is now a living disembodied hand with the knuckle hair of a grown man, and it has found love. It happened at SXSW; it met a boy! They’re pen pals now. The rabbit-cum-hand told the woman who became from me who domesticated it that it had sex with the boy once and it was pretty good.

I am trying to achieve transcendence by writing myself as a recursive function. I’m also investigating Stone Creek as an example of a city where the airport is on the right and then there’s a bunch of ways to get to the city which is far away to the left and very tall along the part which is in between a creek and mountains on the other side. I’m adding roads and infrastructure like code and it’s growing up into my own sim city.


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