Dream 450: Doom Plant

06.07.2016 § Leave a comment

I’m getting on an elevator with my family. Dad stays on the other side with a grim/sad/neutral look. We all go up to a lawyer’s office where my mom airs our grievances, a bunch of “as we all probably knew/noticed”.

Karin’s maternal grandmother gives birth at a party and dies in the process. Karin’s mom says she already took care of babies once, so it’s Karin’s turn now. Karin is like “nooooo my grandma’s dead and I don’t want a baby”.

Now Karin and I are thrown into some doom jail where escape is the only hope. You might as well kill yourself to save yourself from torturous, tedious painful death. Sam Neill, who might be my dad, is a guard, and our friend, but it almost makes it worse believing we have to try really really really hard and we might actually escape rather than just accept defeat.

At the southern tip of India there is an old power plant that looks like a Hindu temple. I see Nick there. I recognize him immediately despite being surrounded by other South Asian looking people, a feat which I’m sure has amazed him. Weirdly, though, he’s dressed all in green and is obsessed with being Irish and the lack of Irish pride where he lives in America now. I start hanging from a lamppost, looking out over the marshy beach.


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