Dream 452: Verdant Eagles

06.22.2016 § 1 Comment

Humans are attempting to invade a planet inhabited by evil plant-birds. Didn’t we learn anything from all the movies where aliens tried to invade Earth? Some of these beasts are basically like giant verdant eagles, attacking the open highway. Others are more like sentient moss mists that fire poisonous spores, and needless to say, grow so fast it’s visible to the naked eye, and from really nondescript forest carpeting.

Wow, the architecture of Chicago really is amazing, isn’t it? There’s like, Brutalist multi-tiered dwarven cities built under flowing lathed skyscrapers.

I pull into the driveway alongside the house and there’s a policeman camped out back. I act dumb, and he lets me enter, maybe figuring he can take advantage of my ignorance. But as soon as I’m inside I slam the door shut on him. He realizes he’s fucked up and flees for backup. I have a small window of time now to make my getaway. I grab my accomplice, who is already packed. On our way out I keep finding pennies, which at first I assumed was good luck that we’d escape unscathed, but start to wonder if there are actually too many of them and the time spent picking them up will be our undoing. I wonder about this aloud, in Chinese, with my accomplice.


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