Dream 454: Nicole

07.02.2016 § Leave a comment

From up here, I can see every world in this video game, and each of their bosses swimming around in the evil lake. Every one of these bosses is a giant-sized animal, such as rabbit, chameleon, and badger, and interestingly they are not all scaled proportional to their original size, nor are they all scaled to the same target size, but rather are scaled seemingly arbitrarily (the rabbit happens to be the largest of all).

I’m analyzing the hell out of this playful letter that was written to me years ago. I’ve always believed it to be from someone else, who I always thought was mean and I was nice to but in retrospect it was probably the reverse, but now I realize it was from Linus all along.

I’ve dove down into the action below, currently in a high speed chase – a man made of flowing molten chrome and brass – who is taunting me and counter-riposting my retorts as we swing on chains and dive into mines whose entrances look like geysers.


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