Dream 457: Trunk Crochet

07.25.2016 § Leave a comment

Pasquale has been crocheted as a Trunk Person (can have sex with men and women), but one who is shaped like a giant red gumdrop with tiny feet and arms wearing blue overalls.

The enemy is coming at us again though we thought he was done for. We’re awkwardly backing up, no time to maneuver to turn around. It’s up in our face, bumping up and down against us, stabbing rapidly. I feel like we should be dead already but its stabs for whatever reason are each doing very little damage. Pausing the game isn’t working, or at least we’re pressing it too frantically and it’s too laggy so we keep pausing and accidentally unpausing, just can’t get it an odd number of times to register. We end up falling down a crazy giant pit and just missing landing on a platform below. Seems impossible to have landed on it and indeed it would be using the skill set we’ve acquired thus far in the game. As we continue to plummet and plummet, we glimpse further impossibler tasks that we may be able to conquer when confronting this enemy later in the game. No wonder its name is itself “Adventures”.

Dang, it appears I just missed Strapping Young Lad’s show in Colorado while I’m here on business by two days. Well, they are going to Mac, Canada soon, though.


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