3rd tritave of odd harmonics

09.18.2016 § 2 Comments

Back at Untwelve summer camp a few weeks ago this idea popped in my head: what if we only used odd members of the harmonic series?

Listening to the odds from the harmonic series is one thing, and sounds nice and interesting enough:

I realized that I wanted to make an octave-repeating scale out of this, though, I would need to pick a specific octave of the harmonic series and stay there, because as soon as you cross into a second octave, whether up or down, one way or the other you’re going to essentially have started to include even numbered harmonics, because odd harmonics from one octave are evens in the next one up (themselves times 2).

This idea sat on the cutting room floor for a few weeks then before I had an aha moment on my xenharmonic series, realizing that there was nothing inherently linking the harmonic series to the octave. I could also look at tritaves of the harmonic series, for example.

And of course that would solidify the connection between this idea and the one from which the tritave arose: the Bohlen-Pierce Scale, which is based on harmonic intervals eschewing 2 as a factor.

So here’s me going up and then back down three tritaves of this tritave-repeating harmonic scale.

Here is the scala file:

! 3rd-tritave-odd-harmonics.scl
Odds from the 3rd tritave of the harmonic series


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