Dream 466: Derpinators

09.24.2016 § Leave a comment

Why wouldn’t the machines kill us using biological or chemical warfare? Really, they’re going to shoot and zap us to death as robots?

It’s almost Judgment Day, and I’m chasing the terminator Bro in his polo shirt and cargo shorts into the beachside slushee shop. He beats me there, and once I arrive, he has disappeared. I ask the shopgirl where he went and she doesn’t know. Those in the know about the apocalypse are crowding in here. Then I notice that some rainbow sparkle dust is propagating along an unseen square grid on the ground, and spiking vertically to slapĀ passers-by in the crotch as it goes. It’s gotten me – am I a zombie now? I look around at the other folks in here to see if they show signs of sparklefication as well, or leeriness at my presence.


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