Dream 471: Mini Fall Up

10.29.2016 § Leave a comment

I’m hanging out in Theo’s garage. He’s got a ton of dollhouse-scale neighborhood objects arrayed on the floor, then kind of twisting, bending up at the intersection of the floors and walls so that some are sticking out at ninety degrees, wall-people, and then further twisting bending up at the intersection of the floors and ceiling so that some stuff is pasted to the ceiling, upside-down ceiling-people. This is all kind of swathed across the room, not filling it up, but just like someone took a paintbrush of miniature homes and cars and mailboxes and streetlights etc and just spun in a circle in the middle of the room, waving their arm up across from low to high one time partially around.

I decide to descend into the miniature world, and climb up into the ceiling area. Once there, the garage floor above has faded into a clear blue sky. There I am pursued by evil versions of my family dogs. I escape back to normal reality.

Here I am confronted by Theo’s mother, who warns me against attempting that ever again.

Of course I don’t heed her warning and go right back in the next day. This time, not only the evil versions of my dogs, but also the evil version of Theo’s mother comes after me. No escape from this one.

That is, until in desperation I flip gravity 180 degrees and plummet upwards into the sky. I wonder if I will hit the garage floor or not, and if so, whether I will be normal size and survive.


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