Dream 473: Messiness

11.14.2016 § Leave a comment

The smell of cooking trail mix draws me down to the kitchen. M&M’s are pan-frying, but whoever is in charge of this operation has up and left. I decide I’ll help out by taking over before they get too burnt. Before I know it, though, the pan is feet away, on its side, tipped over enough that all the M&M’s have fallen out, right into the grossest part of the counter in the grout where the surface tile meets the wall tile, and being greasy from the oil they’re more likely to pick up dust and scum and all that. Once I put the M&M’s back in I realize most of them are gone, too! Looking around I see they’re all over the floor, even some of them into the adjoining carpeted dining room where the super-hot candies are melting their artificial colors into the threads. I scoop them up as fast as I can and put them all back in the pan. But now I can’t even remember if they were supposed to be directly in the pan, or inside the colander inside the pan…

My brother is compare/contrasting the animated Tolkien universe against a similar medieval fantasy animation I’m not familiar enough with to be opinionated about but I’m afraid to admit my unfamiliarity so I respond to his comments as non-committally as possible, and I begin to wonder how sustainable this is if he doesn’t let up, as we descend down the bamboo elevator of our jungle motel.

I’m peeing in a toilet but my pee stream is widening from stream to spray. The cone ever widening. Soon it doesn’t fit in the toilet bowl completely, the droplets in the sparser edges starting to ricochet off the rim of the bowl. Soon its so wide that some droplets are just missing entirely, but I have also lost the ability at this point to stop peeing, so it just has to keep going until I’m through. This also is turning into one of those crazy 3-minute-long pisses. When it’s over, it turns out the toilet seat wasn’t even open, so all the piss has missed, and now I’m wading in a half inch of urine, and oh my god this is way more time of mine being flushed down the drain than I’d planned on now that I have to sop this up, clean down into the grout, and probably deodorize as well.


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