Dream 474: Ways

11.19.2016 § Leave a comment

In a public restroom, Karin is sitting down in place of a floor and wall situated urinal, her mouth wide open, asking for me to pee there. This is a perfectly common practice, but I’m still a little uncomfortable with it in front of all these people. But perhaps it’s even more awkward for me to be avoiding her mouth as long as she is clearly asking for it.

I’m roaming the streets looking for Dinesh when I come across his sister Trina and ask her if she knows his whereabouts.

Shane has a room set up with multiple projectors, demonstrating how to pronounce both his and his father’s surnames. “It’s ‘Chu’?” I wonder quietly aloud to myself, not understanding Taiwanese pronunciation well but it still not seeming possible. Shane swoops in and loudly confirms though.

At the point where you’ve got a VR game where you’re hunting people down and killing them, that’s the end of the line as far as I’m concerned.

Vince is opening for motherfucking Garbage. Fuck yeah, I want to hang backstage with Shirley Manson!

I’m sitting backwards on a toilet next to a toilet where my sister is sitting normal ways.

Karin and I bump into Helena at a party. Helena, pissing Karin off, doesn’t remember having performed with her before. “I’m just really weird is all,” Helena attempts to excuse herself.

NYC is furious with Matthew Broderick for time and time again ruining things with his big civic construction projects. At the latest ones reception, he tries to apologize by surrounding the central purple gym ball with a ring of the same color sparkle dust, rather than his own color of yellow. The city forgives him by expanding the target rings to include his color, yellow, sparkle dust. Soon the gym breaks out into an all-out ball pit party.

I wonder why my dad never just hopped the fence and walked to the airport back in the day, since his backyard bordered the landing strips, and due to the inconvenient layout it took an hour to get there by car.

Approaching the island at noon on 101.


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