Dream 477: Polyglut

12.10.2016 § Leave a comment

I’m watching an infomercial for Eliezer Cüch’s (who looks exactly like Ray Kurzweil) new series of albums whose compositions are each paired with a prepared food dish, and based on true stories about individual death.

Karin and I have decided that two six inch sandwiches will not be enough for both of us, so order three. However, this sandwich place has confused “inch” with “foot”, so now we’re getting 18 feet of sandwich and it’s probably too late to cancel the third one…

Thousands of people have bum rushed the lines at the front desks of parking garages all at once. The woman a few folks behind me in line is shouting over everyone at the staff – she’s accidentally gotten in line at the wrong garage, one sequentially further along than she actually made it before having to park earlier, and she’s asking if they could have someone bring her car from there to here for her. I am totally with this worker as he smacks her down – what a ridiculous request, especially as overburdened as they are at the moment – just who does she think she is, anyway?


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