Film Micrœview #324: Rogue One (2016)

12.16.2016 § Leave a comment

Rating: Shrug.

Could have done without the CG Grand Moff Tarkin. Though his character was good.

Actually, all the characters were pretty alright, for a popcorn flick. I feel the contemporary social commentary imbued in them. I teared up frequently as they bit the dust. Even the bad dude was compellingly pathetic (and it is so fitting the way he dies). And the main good guy – they did the thing where he comes across unsympathetic or like a villain, and then he comes around and you come around to him – which is in danger of being cliche – but it really really worked, the moment when he gives his piece, and I totally felt that whole “oh shit, maybe I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about and I should just shut the fuck up right now” viscerally. They all had interesting stories but synergy was a bit off maybe and I could have been made to care about them a bit more.

Music definitely not JW.

Some nice visual flourishes w/ shots and shadows and such and overall gritty look.

Something was wrong with Vader’s helmet, but the final scene with him was spectacular. Only lightsaber in the film, and I think that holding back on the magic up to that point underscored the terror these rebels must have felt. I had forgotten that I was afraid of him in the Empire duel the first time I saw it until this moment which was actually terrifying. This character needed some reevilification and boy did we sure get it. As well as the urgency of the reconnecting with the beginning of the original film in a more immediate way, that made this film feel like the flip side of the prequel trilogy coin.

First half was a mess. Didn’t feel a connection to any planet (they had to put planet names up on the screen like in a Bourne spy film instead of relying on us actually caring about them).

The fan service wasn’t too offensive. Could have done without the Cornelius Evazan moment.

The one callback in the film felt a bit off.

Plenty of moments were overbearingly cliched. Captain guy got both the “no time to grieve” on the mortally wounded good guy and “compose yourself” on the mortally wounded bad guy moment, after stealing the moment of mortally wounding the latter, and plus he should have just died when he plummeted down that hallway.

Can’t believe they killed Forrest Whitaker off so early. He was so good.

I feel uncomfortable with the cultural production of Star Wars but am definitely susceptible to its charms.


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