Dream 482: Bark

01.14.2017 § Leave a comment

I’ve stepped into a Chinese restaurant. The menu here is fairly unusual – I’ve been here dozens of times, but I never noticed they served Bark Chow Mein and Trunk Chow Mein (as well as Szechuan Bark and Hunan Bark etc…) I’m in line to get some Hunan Trunk when I realize I haven’t brought my phone with me. It’s back at the car where Karin is filling up gas. I didn’t tell her I was going over here. I don’t want her to stress or get angry and leave without me. Then again, I have already waited in line a while and hate sunk costs. Plus I think she would like to try tree trunk as well.

Shia LeBoeuf is having sex with Karin now. She’s standing on her head. I get angry and yell at Shia. However, Shia pauses and explains to me that this isn’t real, it’s only a dream. He doesn’t explain whether it’s his, mine, or Karin’s. He further counters that he knows about another dream, one of mine, which begins to play. I know the dream, and know it’s even more incriminating, but it doesn’t get far enough into the dream to reveal why. One thing is clear – that my dream stars Shia too, whether as my avatar (which could actually counteract the issue with the first dream), or… who knows.


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