Dream 485: Titanic Clash of Nations

02.04.2017 § Leave a comment

Obama is over at Drumpf’s apartment for dinner. Drumpf is talking about how he originally intended to campaign as a Democrat but they were too war-monger-y for him, so he had to go Independent. At some point Drumpf’s mom storms out the door. Obama’s elderly black companion who is a retired general, wearing his full decorated uniform but hunched over a bit, yells at her from the porch. This the funny part of the show, the reason it’s worth watching, as he uses a slew of militaristic vulgarities as if she’s a soldier to shame her into coming back and continuing the discussion, which she does eventually. In the end everyone (including all their little nieces and nephews) gets up on this multi-tiered podium award-receiving stand thing, gathering flags together, and delivers pithy quotes. About 2/5ths of the flags come out American, 1/5 state, and the remaining 2/5ths are international like France, Mexico, and Afghanistan. I’m concerned that Obama is spoiling his opportunity to really connect with folks by speaking only in a weird low voice and telling nonsensical jokes.
In this movie, Burt Reynolds plays a German dad. His family’s cabin gets taken over by their Dutch guests. The German dinner is set aside and the Dutch dad starts preparing a Dutch dinner instead. Meanwhile Burt is left for dead in the woods and is battling his way home. He gets home just in time before dinner is eaten and shoots not only the Dutch dad but also the Dutch mom and Dutch son. Too bad he didn’t realize that during this time the rest of his German family had experienced Stockholm Syndrome and fallen in love with their new Dutch family. Upstairs, I contemplate eating some of the German fish but wonder if it’s spoiled by now.

I’ve done a horrible job taking care of this little boy but just as his dad is returning to pick him up from the hotel room I figure I can salvage everything.


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