Dream 495: ハイチュウ

04.14.2017 § Leave a comment

Walking through a mall, I pass a kiosk selling Hi-Chew. It’s in blue packaging, “miso” flavor, meaning green tea. The packaging is a large rigid sheet with a peel-away back film and punch-out-able Hi-Chews, sort of like giant packaging for pills, except that they aren’t arranged in an orderly way but more like flecks of confetti designed. Unfortunately it’s $49 for this sheet of 130, which is absurdly expensive – I wouldn’t even ask my mom to get this for me for Christmas – so I’ll just hold off until I can get them in Japan at a normal price.

Our neighbor has come by to retrieve his dog, which came over to Karin and I’s house in the middle of the night and slept with us. I ask him if he minded. He says he does. He got the little doggie to keep his kids happy and to protect them at night; they didn’t sleep as well without him. In the course of our conversation about the dog it comes up that the dog’s birthday is May 12th, just like Karin and me. My excitement about this fact is definitely the wrong thing for me to be expressing at this moment, but I’m an idiot what can I say.

Shopping at the toy store I come across this horrendous Cthulhu type robot that has been winning a lot of film design awards for original evil-AI style.


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