Dream 496: San Franpsycho

04.21.2017 § Leave a comment

Karin and I are at a three-way street intersection in North Beach in the early evening, passing folks drinking coffee in the cafe windows.

We’re riding a bus with a bunch of tourists trying to guess where we are at every turn. “I think this is Elm hill!” one shouts as the nickel-domed tops of the Elm Hill Museum peek out from above the skyline.

We’re exploring an underground playroom for adults. Karin takes a turn with the blowtorch game, setting this relief sculpture on fire (it’s made of material that will ignite but only temporarily and continuously regenerates so that the game is self-sufficient). It does make it really hot down in this stone basement, though.

Johan, now fat and old though still with his long luscious locks, has started selling his time in online chat rooms. He’s whoring his video conversation out while riding around in the back of a limo when his alcoholism gets the better of him and he must get out and barf off the side of the road, standing straight up.


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