Film Micrœview #351: Endless Poetry (2016)

04.24.2017 § Leave a comment

Rating: Jodorowsky.

As a donor to this film, I was saddened both not to particularly like it, nor to find my name anywhere in the credits sequence.

There was one moment alone where it felt like the inexplicable, inimitable spiritual genius of Jodorowsky; the scene where the woman poet beat up the rapists and then the male victim lashed out at her.

Other than that, it was just way too on the nose about the redemptive power of art and all that. Unlike in Dance of Reality, I didn’t feel like there was an actual story with stakes and flawed characters and stuff. It just rambled, mumbling, on and on.

And what is happening with this Christopher Boyle cinematography? Wasn’t he the guy who shot all of Wong Kar-Wai’s most famous?

I just don’t think I can consider this as a film, rated along with other films. It’s less and more. It’s just giving Jodorowsky a nice way to emotionally masturbate for great glory. Hence I can’t really put it on my scale.


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