Film Micrœview #354: Spirit of the Beehive (1973)

04.24.2017 § Leave a comment

Rating: Dr. Pepper.

Weird experience, combining what little Spanish I could understand them speaking with what little Japanese I could read in the subtitles. But it was a cinematic enough movie that you didn’t really have to understand every word they said to get the gist.

And the music is amazing, especially the bit that plays when they speak about mushrooms, and the 7/4 one in the opening credits.

The opening where they have the film in the film, Frakenstein, which opens with an explanation of what it is you are about to watch, which itself is filling that role for this film, and they end together as one.

Such lovely colors. I was lost in this other world.

The eyes of the men on the train, making contact with the mother.

The honeycomb of the house windows.

The empty field with the hideout.

The wordless exchange between the father and daughter as he identifies her as the one who aided the soldier.

The father plays Frankenstein.

Beautifully allegorical and timeless.


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