Film Micrœview #356: Blue Velvet (1986)

04.24.2017 § Leave a comment

Rating: Good.

This is a film about a boy who wants to be every man.

He is replacing his father, who is out of the picture as its opening move.

He is replacing Laura Dern’s father, by becoming the effective detective he needs to be.

He is replacing Isabella Rosselini’s husband, and even her child, and even her captor and rapist monster Frank Booth.

He is remaining his mother’s little boy (key scene with “not wanting to talk about” his injuries going over so smoothly).

I think the centerpiece of this film is his guilt over taking advantage of the woman whose life he also earnestly wishes to heal. To me, perhaps largely as a fellow straight white cis male of privilege, strikes home, at that most horrific of shadows, that one where no matter how truly you think you try to stay enlightened and help persecuted people, some part of your psyche is a sick fuck and wants to fuck ’em while they’re down. I feel like the “that’s for me to know, and you to find out [whether I am a detective or just a pervert]” should be Lynch’s life motto.

“I’ll fuck anything that moves!” The homoerotic overtones of Frank Booth hit home this time. The film plumbs the fear of what one most wants, to be fucking and controlling everything at once.


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