Dream 499: Double Helix

05.13.2017 § Leave a comment

Vince is such a baller. With a band, a food catering business, and now this fancy tea business exploding, he’s gonna be rich. I nod off alone on the lower table in the center of the room while Vince and friends at the upper table get served their pork belly and strawberries. I wake up in time to get some scraps. The two women outside notice they’re missing out as well – I accidentally hand one of them an empty elliptical serving plate instead of a circular person plate.

Karin and I are playing mini golf in Fremont at night. A Muni train passes on the elevated tracks above. Our companion, also named Doug, asks us whether we’re taking Muni or bringing our car along camping.

Doug leads us down the helical staircase around the inside of the massive cylindrical chamber below the course. Doug, half-Korean and somewhat gangsta, handles returning our bowling shoes to the full-Asian gangsta guard while Karin and I slip out unnoticed.

Karin shows me the scar she’s received on her inner thigh from Doug’s ice skates. I begin to question the nature of her attraction to this Doug character…

Unfortunately Karin and I get separated. I’m able to hack my way outside, noticing a doorway which, just to the side of the bottom of the left frame, has a doghair-covered notecard reading state.setProps, which I recognize as some React code I can exploit. Further unfortunately, on the other side of the door is not quite out yet, but a half-cylindrical cell of sorts, and I can hear guard dogs approaching – they’ll be able to bite my face through the slits at head-level, and I don’t have enough room to back far enough away from them. Fortunately, I find a little plastic toy candle inside a poster on the wall which is able to transform them into cuddly Shiba Inus.



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