Dream 500: Shoddy

05.19.2017 § Leave a comment

I’m in a shop, naked. I cover my genitals with a jacket, should be fine, no one cares that much about butts anyway, though I do feel a bit out of place. The clerk hands me something I didn’t buy and pressures me to steal it.

Karin and I have moved into a new apartment inside a complex whose courtyard is indoors and modeled after a suburban house, just gigantic. The spiral staircase has no railings and is made of irregularly shaped stained glass flower bouquets. Karin is knitting something with a thread she’s pulling from the edge of the upstairs floor and wall; I can see over the banister that the thread continues through the floor we’re on and its origin is in the downstairs carpet (which is more like a straw weave, really).

Karin’s dad is brushing his teeth at the sink in the shower, but there’s a scary spider on the mirror.

I’m sorting Tristram’s library.


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