Dream 501: Triangulation

05.25.2017 § Leave a comment

I’m waiting tables at a cafe on New Years Eve when a patron karate chops my crotch from his booth. I ask my manager what my options are for pressing sexual harassment charges.

Karin and I are partying at Ernest’s basement warehouse when I realize I’ve left our blanket unattended in the entryway kiva. Sure enough it’s gone. Karin reminds me that the blanket has a tracking device on it which enables me to pinpoint the cell phone number of the person currently in possession of it. I call the number and get a gruff lawyer with a Middle Eastern accent. Karin poopoos my lack of assertiveness on the phone with this guy – he doesn’t even apologize for stealing our property, and while he’s willing to return it, I agree to meet him at Adam’s place to pick it up rather than have him return it to me since he’s far too busy to do it all himself (though I don’t know, maybe it was smart of me not to give the general whereabouts of my residence). That said, Karin does have a point that it was my bad for losing it in the first place.


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