Film Micrœview #363: Head (1968)

06.12.2017 § Leave a comment

Rating: Evil.

This hipster posturing is dangerous and disgusting.

Self-deprecation is used as an excuse to do showcase morally reprehensible behavior without justifiably questioning it. If you admit you have nothing to say, you are not allowed to loop documentary clips of an execution in the streets, even if you invite Zappa to say you’re focusing too much on your showmanship instead of your musical material.

If women are represented in your film primarily as hysterical sex objects, you don’t get to jest about beating transvestites. When you portray members of historically persecuted minorities primarily as stereotypical warriors I am offended; inviting Zappa to say your music is too white does not correct that either.

Acknowledging that you are spectacular and manufactured does not mean that a scene of you blowing up a Coke vending machine has absolved you of commercialism. Demonstration of your awareness of your fame doesn’t amount to a critique of it; you just come across as ungrateful.

This film includes some flashes wit of inspiration but overall strives for a much more meaningful degree of art which it falls pathetically short of. Zeitgeisty automatic writing style does not equate to beyond narrative so much as copping out. It is never so much a denigration of authority as a vacuous sneer at it.

Little worse than a bunch of spoiled, privileged, pretentious brats whining and showing off. The music is still okay here and there if only for its retro aesthetic. You know, I actually liked this movie when I was a kid, but then I guess I grew up.


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