Dream 509: Sexual Dreams

07.21.2017 § Leave a comment

Karin and I are studying the hard arts – she doesn’t think the facial filled the third performer’s eye sockets enough.

There’s a gas leak in my red camping sack of bombs – very dangerous. Even now that it’s been made into chocolate, the slightest disturbance could cause it to blow, sort of like in the movie Sorcerer. Hey, Sorcerer, that’s a great name for something – except no one can really spell it, hell, I myself always want to spell it with an -or. The line at the grocery store is really long and I’m not sure how much longer I can not blow this bomb bag chocolate up, besides, someone has made off with Karin’s puffy jacket.

Grady, who is currently James Cameron, laments that he is dying from having drank too much coffee throughout his life. His wife believes it is immoral that his doctor had prescribed it to him. I tell her that my whole family drinks a cup a day.
Now we’re all sharing our sexual dreams with our boss, but mine are dismissed out of hand.

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