Dream 510: Balefire

07.31.2017 § Leave a comment

I’m staying with a Hispanic family. In the morning I get up and notice that I’ve left my big blue-with-a-translucent-windowed bag of chocolate chip cookies open overnight, on the floor between the fridge and trash bin. It’s a mixed bag of chocolate chocolate chip and plain chocolate chip, but most of the plain ones are already gone. I take one of the couple remaining plains. These are the big, grocery store bakery quality, very thin, greasy disk type. I don’t notice that ants have gotten into the bag until I’m already a couple bites in. Fortunately there aren’t too many ants – just a few visible crawling on the baseboard, and one on my cookie itself.

I’m at the movies with Karin, Aralisis, and Aralisis’s doggie. Aralisis gets up to go to the bathroom, leaving me closest to her doggie. I startle it, causing it to bark, which causes the two smaller doggies in the front rows to bark and start jumping over seats to get closer to Aralisis’s doggie. Now I’m embarrassed.

At the train station, like a fool I rip my pant pockets inside out, tossing frayed papers and Cocoa Krispies everywhere. I can see over the railing the train pulling up to the platform below. The engine of the train detaches, bringing along the first car (the special one), driving up onto the platform, doing a wide turn radius 180 degree turn in order to dock into a squarish pod. At this point the gates open so we can come down the escalators to buy tickets and get on the train. But by the time Karin and I are done getting our tickets, the train has left. Why would they time it so no one has time to both get their tickets and get on the train? Or why not let us get tickets before hand? Now we have to do a whole other step of waiting down here on the platform.

When it’s time for me to get off at my stop, I miss it because I’m distracted by something on my smartphone. Now I’m getting off at the same stop as my coworker Rocky, prolonging our awkward silent copresence. We say “bye” in the middle of a giant empty hilly unmarked industrial intersection outside the station. But then Rocky says “wait” and underneath the freeway entrance he jogs up to meet me and tells me something for work.

Karin and I get home and our upper floor is on fire. As we attempt to figure out the source, the fire goes out of its own accord and ceases to have ever happened in the first place, leaving no trace of damage. Well, that was close!


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