Dream 511: Coke Pill

08.07.2017 § Leave a comment

Me, Karin, and a young Trent Reznor are barreling down the carpeted, walled-in loose spiral staircase toward the kitchen. I’m blasting Aphex Twin’s Powerpill Pac-Man on an iPad, slightly concerned that we’ll wake Karin’s parents.

It’s my job to chop veggies for the soup; meanwhile I’m popping a ton of those tiny extremely tart and sweet candies that are shaped like a cross between cylinder and sphere. I don’t wash the bean sprouts well before chopping them up, making the prospect of ever getting around to cleaning them unlikely. The carrots are going fine, but the green onions (shaped like hollow cones) I’m actually slicing fatter and fatter as I get toward the base rather than skinnier to result in the same approximate size of resultant piece, even worse because the walls get thicker and whiter toward the bottom, too. I at least halve some of the worst of the bigger pieces.

I’m explaining Sean Bean’s “better than 20/20” line from the Acuvue commercials to anyone other than my brother as I approach the Coke office on foot from a different direction within its industrial park than usual resulting in overshooting it.


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