Dream 538: Suspicion

02.23.2018 § Leave a comment

In Denver, with older single gangster. That one time zone difference from extremist California coast really seems to make an impact with getting anywhere in the world nearly instantly, especially when the airport is essentially up on a nearly-mountain hill in your backyard. I’ve carried his grill plate along to the Nine Inch Nails music video, which is taking place in a series of snaking drywall corridors. Reznor dances past the gangster into my face assuring me he does not suck cock, which is strange because I’ve always thought Reznor was pretty okay with such things, but whatever.

I realize I forgot the grill at the video but the gangster apparently got it back without letting me know about my mistake; the other audience defines it.

Karin’s photographer wants to go more risqué, eliminating the middle-man from her shoots. Sure, why should I care what he does, it’s rather simple, you just don’t… well wait, he’s asked me this before hasn’t me, which is kind of weird, perhaps a sign that he thinks it’s more complicated, in which case maybe I should be worried what he’s up to?


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