Dream 539: Half Asterisk

03.02.2018 § Leave a comment

At Disneyland. My dad and sister have been holding a place in line for my mom. They step out to let me take over for them. It’s a bit ambiguous the order, and a couple people semi-behind them take the opportunity to move ahead of me. I’m too shy to be up front with it about them. By the way, can my mom even ride this ride, with her FM?

I get back from the bodega with some candy. My brother makes fun of me for my weird crab dance. I tell him that there are literally infinite other cool kids here, partying with clear plastic beer cups in their Mickey Mouse shorts above us on the metal grill that the rollercoaster passes underneath.

The rollercoaster goes straight down for quite a while. Quite exciting.

The line at the gates has gotten so crazy that they need to structure it like half an asterisk, keeping track of which ray goes in after which other.


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