Film Micrœview #411: Black Panther (2018)

03.02.2018 § Leave a comment

Rating: Dr. Pepper.

In Killmonger we have one of the most complex superhero movie villains I’ve ever seen. On one level he embodies the voice of anger of all repressed people. On another level he represents misguided American interventionism. On another level he speaks for the African diaspora. On another level we recognize him as a manifestation of the part of any person who has lost their patience for change, for inaction, for selective loyalties. On another level he is just a fantastically drawn character. When he is called out in the climactic conflict for having become his enemy in his extreme measures to overcome him, it rings true, not trite. His sympatheticness goes far beyond mere moments screenwritten humanizing. In defeat, he does not change. He continues to transform, purifying and refining his dream. He still goes with pride. And he teaches the protagonist the way forward, where his father could not.

I’ve never seen anything quite like Black Panther. I never knew how much I needed to see someone ripping the front wheel off a moving vehicle, or crashing a car by launching a spear through its engine. I got the feels when the female general brings a halt to infighting. Music was amazing. I laughed uncomfortably when the white guy was told in no uncertain terms that he was not to a say a single further word, appreciated that he was relegated to a clean-up job, and took some time to explore how I felt that I wouldn’t have too many cosplay options for this movie I had just loved (not that I cosplay, but the point remains). I hope that Marvel gets the picture, that it’s way more amazing to apply the whole techno-magical stuff to dive deep into inner space than it is to go to outer space.


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