Film Micrœview #415: Logan (2017)

03.31.2018 § Leave a comment

Rating: Shrug.

Yeah, it’s neat that they went R on this one, making it extra brutal and with naturalist foul language. And I can see how remarkably dark it is, being about nothing less than the end of the X-Men. And I still can’t get that dying face of the farmer’s out of my head, his last thought being anger at the X-Men for bringing ruin upon him. And I appreciate how the story didn’t focus on villains as much as inner demons, and dispatched the villains with realistic lack of aplomb. And I appreciate that they didn’t spend too many cycles prepping us for the next generation of them. And I appreciated the cinematography being a step up in artistry from your average superhero movie.

But there was still something awfully trite about the ending, with daughter using the adamantium bullet he was going to suicide with against his clone, and then accepting their connection as he lay dying, and him getting the whole particular fulfillment that Prof. X had spoken of. But it felt really forced and way too neatly tied up in a bow.

And they could have really pushed the whole military-industrial complex warping the fabric of America thing, but then they had to go and make the main bad guy some British safari guy, and his henchman some charisma-less Southern dickhead.

All in all, it was just kind of exhausting to watch.


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