Film Micrœview #417: A Quiet Place (2018)

04.15.2018 § Leave a comment

Rating: Bad.

I’ll take Krasinski and Blunt on their word that they conceived this film as a plumbing of the fears of modern parenthood, and that they did not consciously intend it to be read as the voice of Drumpf’s white America, feeling silenced and driven by fear of dark foreigners, howling out. I doubt they are bigoted people; probably just insulated. But it’s not enough these days not to be proactive. Good diversity move pushing for a deaf cast member. But for them to play so dumb in the media spotlight, shrugging and being glad that the film is causing a conversation or that people are finding deeper layers (as if the xenophobic undertones aren’t objectively there because of their own ignorance and subconscious motivations) bothers me immensely. I felt pretty uncomfortable with the whole situation during the film, and worse after reading more about what’s going down amid its reception. And apparently Krasinski was all huffy about the negative influence on the American political mood from his Benghazi film a few years back – what am I supposed to make of his choices here in light of that?

I was not as impressed with the technical handling of the central horror mechanic as I thought I would be either.


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