Dream 611: Just Trying to Help

08.17.2019 § Leave a comment

I’m in the subway when I overhear an altercation beginning between a woman and a homeless man. The man has a newsboard, and the woman is accusing him of some out-of-date and inconsistent information on it, and she’s doing it in a cruel, loud, public-shamey way instead of just filing a complaint quietly, politely, and privately. The man is not taking it well and is yelling back, but what especially concerns me is that he is denying it, when I (upon inspection) can see clearly that the woman is correct. Once the woman huffs off, the man approaches me, and continues venting his anger. He can see that I’m checking on the materials she was referring to and I’m sure he’s worried he’s going to lose a customer. Now, I’ve donated to this man’s project in the past and I truly care about his success, so I explain that I’m just trying to help when I say she’s right and I’m perfectly happy to help him fix things and point out just exactly what’s a bit off, but he’s having nothing of it and begins to hit me. I fend off his attacks but am not backing down so it’s escalating, to the point that Karin feels she has to step in (in case he has a knife and this could get serious). She sticks her arm out to intervene but he continues flailing through it, hitting her in the process. I say “oh now you can NOT hit my girlfriend” and then it seems like he is actually going to start attacking me for real so Karin drags me away.

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