Dream 642: Despite all my rage

03.21.2020 § Leave a comment

At the beach. Twilight. Beautiful cloud formations, visible all the way to the horizon in great detail. A private jet lands on the hotel runway. A cavalcade of Playboy bunnies bumble out, followed by none other than Jack Nicholson. The hotel owner takes this opportunity to introduce me. Not every day that a guy like me gets such a chance! The first thing I do, unfortunately, is step on Jack’s toe. He doesn’t mind so much though, really jovial guy. I tell him the story about the first time my dad met him and how my dad also stepped on his toe. We’ve got our arms around each other’s backs and I give him a little back rub.

A man is holding a crooked shallow wooden box up sideways. Metal bar grating. A squirrel with very little room to maneuver, thrashing around inside, baring its teeth.

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