Dream 643: El Es De

03.28.2020 § Leave a comment

VMware HTML5 vSphere is the monster from Stranger Things, hunting me ceaselessly, tearing holes in and out of my reality by surprise.

Calvin seems pretty sure that taking MDMA is what will help but he is being awkwardly half-concealing about it while at his office. I’m not sure how I can respond to his statements without making it obvious. It puts me in a really tough position. We end up going to the public restroom for privacy, attempting the exchange inconspicuously in the handicapped stall together. But he drops the crumbly pink wafer pf MDMA and it spills outside the door boundaries so I have to open the stall door and go out and get it amongst the other people in there. They all know he does this, so why can’t he just not be weird about it?

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