Dream 644: Odie’s Banquet

04.04.2020 § Leave a comment

I accept a thank you mistakenly; it was meant for Karin. I try to thank her too by adding another layer across into the mountain range which is on the right side of our winding path across sloped upwards green, but I end up flattening a section (at least not deleting) so I undo and to cover it up I ask Odie if he ever played this other game and he’s like “ohhhhh yes” and he’s already installed the plugin that lets you make the mountains in the style of that game which here look all retro and blocky like Legos.

And then I’m drifting around and it has really awesome camera mechanics with respect to sudden changes in altitude such as coming off the top of a building. We’ve built one that’s like a towering series of panopticons but it’s a hotel and it’s empty and holy shit someone did a ton of detail before they copy-pasted in a cylinder hundreds of times. But the hotel is completely empty even though I thought we were scrambling to expand this city’s capacity. It’s like No Man’s Sky crossed with Populus crossed with WoW and Minecraft, and I see a beautiful hexagonal display on top and I add two scuzzy bush trees from the Evil Land palette yet they actually look fine out of context.

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