Dream 516: Antianti

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People are carving Nazi swastikas into their foreheads, except that they’re actually equilateral crosses with missing center points of connection and each ray with two radiating squared-off U’s around it. These people vary from creepy methodical to creepily content. The rest of sigh in disgust but are even more disgusted inside ourselves that we’re doing nothing to stop it.

Sheryl has left a big bag of antifreeze on my doorstep, covered in ice, with a silly thank you note.
The bus shows up with my bike mounted on front. “See,” I tell Karin, “the bus system is amazing. How *do* they do it?” I’m referring to how I intentionally left my bike on the front of a bus months ago and now when I finally hop on another bus (a completely different line, even) my bike is magically on the exact vehicle I need it to be on right when I need it.

Dream 515: Bus-truck

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I’m trying to sleep, reclining in the driver’s seat of a parked car at night, when a gigantic bus-truck crashes head on into me. I’m fine, but the driver of the bus-truck is hanging down and out from his shattered windshield, across the completely flat front of his vehicle, screaming for help, the spiky glass at the bottom rim of his window cutting into him.


Dream 514: Bulbing Man

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I send a boulder hurtling through a movie screen, which is actually not a passive surface being projected onto so much as a giant light bulb emitting its own light patterns outwards. It’s the same aspect ratio as a normal anamorphic film except in portrait mode, and it bulges out from the surface it’s mounted into like half of a cylinder (such that the exposed semicircles face up and down). What was being shown was important to those who care about Burning Man. As I’d prepared to hurtle the boulder, Karin delivered a speech; when it was my time to hurtle I’d choked and my palpable hesitation elicited chuckles from the crowd who knew well my intention.
I travel back home to the future to see if my alteration of the past had made it big in the newspapers. I’m also worried what my mom will think, and wonder why I wasn’t sent to jail.

10th Anniversary Post

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Some unknown amount of time ago I left a note in my Google calendar to remind my future self on this day that I would have had this blog for 10 years. I have no particular feelings about this matter today.


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corpyard, n. a corporate courtyard.

Film Micrœview #375: Tank Girl (1995)

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Rating: Shrug.

I mean, if you’re looking for some extreme 90’s weirdness, I wouldn’t dissuade you. Otherwise, a bit too interminable mtv level incoherent and tedious. To be clear, sloppiness is by design, but I doubt the pointlessness was. Bonus points for young Naomi Watts and feminisms.

Dream 513: Swiftly

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Our solar system has quintupled itself. Each heavenly body including the sun has turned into five copies orbiting a center point located where the original body used to be. The result is that gravitational forces cancel out creating super-low gravity environments, plus weather disruptions from the five suns.

Karin and I are in our cave hideout. We hear the news that both Honolulu and Tanzania have fallen. A knock comes at the front of the cave, and we know it might be over for us.

The trailer for the movie of this experience shows the moon crashing into the earth, rolling around for a while before coming to rest, then swiftly melting into nothing (it is a giant ball of ice) and causing major floods.

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