Film Micrœview #481: Back to the Future

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Rating: Good.

Recently I was worrying that this film might be a bit racially insensitive. The only non-white characters I could remember were the Libyan terrorists and the high school dance band. And I thought there was maybe some insensitivity to the plight of black musicians by the white-controlled industry in the scene where Marty performs Johnny B. Goode and gets credit for it. What I never got before was that the injured guitarist’s name was Berry, and the main he calls on the phone is not some music executive like I had remembered, but implied to be Chuck Berry, the actual composer of the song. Thus, this moment is more about a time loop than anything. And there are a couple scenes – the one with the young version of the future black mayor, and the one where the band chases off Biff’s goons – that I think build out the race relations context and imbue the film with some sensitivity and matter pertaining to it which befits it.

Aside from that issue, I mean, this is just classic movie-making. Love how the car peels into the movie theater. Marty’s wandering eyes don’t age well, but basically they don’t make ’em this anymore.


Film Micrœview #480: Polyester

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Rating: Good.

I spent the duration of this movie with a look of hilarious incredulity. Even when it spirals into free association or suddenly escalates in stakes or shifts genre, it all clusters around a true emotional core. So fucking weird and strangely moving.

Dream 578: C Cucumber

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I’m auditioning to be Director of Photography but not really sure I’m paying enough attention to have gotten past the first two rounds, or is it my effortless attitude that I’m riding?

For the third challenge, I simulate the POV of a sea cucumber, which is two C-shaped sea-foam-green penises, one backwards so that they interlock without touching, magically suspended always together, rolling around like an irregular wheel on the ocean floor.


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to make (more) sane.

Film Micrœview #479: Fraud

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Rating: Shrug.

Was a bit too difficult to watch to really recommend it. The intellectual experiment element would have been stronger without the footage from other sources.

Film Micrœview #478: Eighth Grade

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Rating: Shrug.

Less edgy and psychological, and more sentimental and unnatural than I’d hoped. Will be forgotten in a few years.


Dream 577: More Rick & Morty

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“Black girls won’t show their bodies for money” some announcement out the window says as if it’s newsworthy. Karin steps away from the 8th floor apartment window and into my arms, her body that of a large black woman’s, giving me a big hug, saying that the statement is almost true of her. “Except… that you’re not black?” I ask.

Karin and I accidentally left food out in our kitchen that is open to the street overnight. Disaster ensued.

It’s the Rick & Morty VR experience. If you’re lame you’ll never leave the bathroom, where Morty spies on Jessica in the shower. If you’re mildly more interesting of a person you may step into the living room where Rick is getting it on with some hideous alien monster. If you have any real substance, though, you’re in the basement with Rick’s brother (who is more obviously Mexican looking) who speaks directly to you and calls you out on shit and shows you even crazier shit.

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