Film Micrœview #444: Gimme Danger

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Rating: Bad. 

I think Jarmusch should stick to his day job. This was a bit too rambling for me. I learned some rock history and got to know Iggy, but there were a few too many loose ends and tedious stretches than I thought fit the material. It could have been tighter.


Film Micrœview #443: First Reformed

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Rating: Bad.

I could almost for a “shrug” on this one, but I was just so disappointed. I read one review of it before seeing it which made it out to be a fitting heir to Bresson’s Diary of a Country Priest. Aside from it including a priest who keeps a diary, who is sick, this was a superficial comparison. If anything it was too much like Taxi Driver, Schrader’s earlier screenplay. Or like Bergman’s Winter Light, if you fetishized the church architecture more.

The review had also made the film out to be like it was the return of the long take. Aside from the very first shot, there were no long takes, and it was not even all that slow. Though I did like the 4:3 aspect ratio.

Look, I get the themes, how he’s like Jesus and the Earth and all that, his cancer is mankind, Pepto-Bismol and Dran-O and all that, and balancing hope and despair, and that was fine. But some of the early shots were stolen right out of Haneke’s Seventh Continent which seemed a bit crass. And the flight of fancy at the end feels like its riding the coattails of modern Malick, Aronofsky, and/or Glazer but without bringing anything new to the table, thus coming across as a bit cloying.

I feel like the purpose of this film must be to give those who worry about the same things a vicarious means to want to do something drastic about it but sublimate them into redemptive feelings, and I just think I’m a bit too distracted by my frustrations with the film for it to work on that level for me.

Dream 561: Peru camp

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On top of some dirty ancient brown-green eroded mountains in South America. Cloudy skies. We’re all heading over to the thing. Most cars already taken. I hop in the penultimate car, the one which is not really a car, more like a La-Z-Boy on wheels. I’m doing this primarily to embarrass someone.

We’re approaching the part where the plateau-ey part of this hill-mountain falls away, and just over the lip the dirt road forks into three ways. Behind me, the guy who took the last car peels away too early. I had told him that the best way to get to our people was to go off-dirt-road before the forks, but not this early. Now I’ll definitely beat him. I tricked him on purpose, haha.

At the mission, on the balcony, there are five stalls, with very tall curtains, that reach down from the towering ceilings down to about your butt. I am going pee at one of these stalls, standing behind the curtain. But I’ve misunderstood the device I am peeing into and end up peeing on a flat face of something, spraying ricochet pee all over the place. A kind fellow churchgoer helps me out.

My mom emerges into the resort hotel living room from the hallway to announce that – no help due to the liberals in the police – we have just enough time before driving off to camp to drop her crazy dad off at prison.

Film Micrœview #442: Taken

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Rating: Evil.

What a disgusting American male fantasy. Play some torture games, prove your wife wrong, win the dick-measuring contest with her new husband, buy your scantily-clad hot daughter at an auction for a half million in order to rescue her, kill a bunch of Othered people, and humiliate France (amusingly the film is actually a French production – a “preventer” sure does sound like what a Frenchman would think was a job over here). No layers or complexity to this at all: dude starts off one way, is never challenged (certainly never psychologically), only confirmed over and over, until all the superficial obstacles are knocked away. For a half-second at the end when he’s left alone at the airport I thought they were maybe nodding at our shit treatment of vets, but then he still got to give the gift of LCD pop culture to his family giving him the last laugh. Rapid-fire editing was headache-inducing; occasionally cuts were complemented with quick-fading flashes of white which were trying (and failing) to cover up how discontinuous the narrative was.

Dream 560: Yew Nears

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Summer has really flown by. Extreme weather patterns in San Francisco. Rose is waiting for me outside the New Years party. I ask her if she’s been waiting long. She lies and says no, though she’s been waiting for three hours.

The party ends at 1:30am. I’m getting picked up at 3:00am. This leaves maybe only an hour for me to sleep.

I’ve forgotten my pants and socks and shoes. Fortunately my dad brought extras. But they are too big for me. Also they are weird pastel colors so my black jacket needs to be discarded. Now showing up to the party I look really uncool.

Dream 559: Brexit2K

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I’m rewriting some code that no longer works in the wake of Brexit.

Film Micrœview #441: Ant Man and the Wasp

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Rating: Bad.

I got a couple chuckles out of this, but basically an insulting waste of 2 hours of my life.

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