Film Micrœview #369: The Fugitive (1993)

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Rating: Shrug.

You know, this wasn’t as good as I remembered. Some really overdramatic moments. And over the top action set pieces. And silly doctor brawl. And some alarming behavior coming from the law enforcement. Basically Tommy Lee Jones is a boss as an actor in this movie, with a ton of classic lines, and aside from that meh.

Film Micrœview #368: Turn Left, Turn Right (2016)

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Rating: Good.
Good for a first feature. I mean, what great directors first film isn’t clearly indebted to another’s? (AW)

Layers of images seemed intertwined with the layers of different songs. Different styles, different layers of history, macro and micro. Also we see through glass clearly, reflections and reality.
Daydream, dance, drift.
I loved the last image, the “special effect” one.
Impressively lyrical pacing. Revelations of new info and chronology were structured much like one big song, maybe even more so than the album structure it obviously boasted.

Film Micrœview #367: Harmontown

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Rating: Bad.

Hot on the news of the Rick and Morty season 3 premier date announcement, my girlfriend thought we should get to know Dan Harmon a bit better. I’m glad we did, and it did offer some brutal glimpses into an individual’s struggle to grow even after recognizing problems… but this documentary itself was bad. I think there’s a reason I only watch Harmon’s constructed decks and don’t watch him draft. I’m not a fan of this film for the same reason I’ve never listened to his podcast. I don’t need something of this level of rawness, clutter, and disorganization in my life. Tell the truth, but tell it slant, man. Success in circuit lies!

Spencer seems cool. Maybe we should try watching that D&D show again now that we know him.

Film Micrœview #366: Dune (1984)

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Rating: Bad.

It’s Dune Week! I mean, I didn’t set out to watch David Lynch’s Dune and Teshigahara Hiroshi’s Woman in the Dunes in the same week. In fact I might not have even noticed had I not first tried to find a copy of Dune in my Dropbox movie library that I might’ve downloaded years ago, and only turned up the latter film. The reason I sought out Dune this week was due to the latest episode of Twin Peaks, which features a scene which reminded me of Dune. Should I read anything further into this episode’s connection with Japan? Probably not.

Anyway, this movie clearly sucks. I can handle all the whispering and cheap crappy special effects and haphazard and failed attempt to cram way too many characters into a feature length film. And I actually even love aspects of the dark, detailed production design. What I can’t deal with is the evisceration of the might of the Bene Gesserit and the Fremen. I feel Lynch has subverted them both into servants of cis het white men of power, simplifying, objectifying, and fetishizing them and deifying Paul. He throws in some homophobic crap for bad measure.

Dream 506: Kartoshop

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At Vince’s pad, trying to Photoshop some extra chillin’ peeps into the mix, but as it turns out you can only duplicate sections further up in the picture into the background; if you try to copy them downward into the foreground, it doesn’t fit and leaves weird corrugated gaps at the sides.

Vince declares that he’s saving the world, “one human race at a time”. It’s a pun on the go-kart racing video game he’s playing.

Film Micrœview #365: Woman in the Dunes (1964)

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Absolute artifice of sound, scenario, and performance, including its supposed parable about artifice itself.
All that is real is the sand, water, and skin.
A hallucinatorally visceral visual experience which nonetheless challenges us to wonder whether maybe the plot element which makes the absolute least sense, that of the protagonists’ social obligation to save their neighbors, is actually (perhaps even therefore) the most important; that is, maybe it’s not as simple as the woman representing complacency and the man the will to resist, but maybe if not choosing the correct battle he has simply owned the existentialism of a new meaninglessness over his former. Would be no surprise for him to be reborn simultaneous to them carrying off the woman he has made with child.
This movie did not merely frame futility in a new way for me. It let me feel it, in my fingers, with nightmarish (sur)realism.

Dream 505: Trump Suit

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Donald Drumpf is attempting to apologize to me, but instead of just saying he’s sorry he instead puts on some sing-a-long he apparently thinks I’d like and gets the crowd going shaking their sugar packets as maracas before he slinks away behind the stage.

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