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I’m pretty sure that I dream every night. I don’t remember my dreams every night, though that is a goal of mine, as is achieving a lucid dreaming state. Pushing myself to recall my dreams in detail seems to improve my initial dreaming clarity, which I hope is a stepping stone to the lucid state. But frankly, I enjoy narrativizing my dreams enough as writing practice that I’d do it even if I knew I never could achieve ludicity, and I’d probably be satisfied leaving my subconscious to come up with crazy ideas for me forever.

Rather than acknowledging the contradictions and non sequitars in my dreams, or contextualizing the events within my waking life, I’ve written in a style so that these things should speak for themselves (whenever dreaming itself is referenced, then, understand it as dream within dream). The phrases “for some reason,” “some kind of,” and “I don’t remember [something]” have been entirely worked around when rewriting from the original notes I mumble into my iPhone Voice Memos App immediately upon waking. My frequent ebb and flow between first and third person experience has been glossed over rather than pointed out, just as it plays out in my dream consciousness.

I’ve used the present tense exclusively, in order to recreate the sense of being in the dream unawares.

Many people from my waking life make appearances in my dreams, and I have changed their names to protect their identities. I provide as much description of them as I feel is appropriate, both out of respect for the real life person, and with respect to the story being told. I do still refer to my nuclear family members by their family titles, believing these relationships to be archetypal enough that to ignore them would be unfaithful to the dream’s meaning. I do keep all the false names consistent throughout in order to develop them as recurring characters.

Please enjoy! And I do welcome feedback!

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